Make Clothes in America

Updated: Apr 20

We have the need and the time is Now! Let's encourage our youths to work with their hands. It can't be done on a screen. You have to recruit creativity,work ethic,tenacity, and perseverance. It is time to Make Our Clothes in America! We can educate our populous that we will pay our skilled workers a competitive wage and be willing to pay more for a quality garment that will last years! My garments last up to 9 years, in fact they will go out of style before they breakdown. Now that's what I call a quality,rock solid garment. From my jeans to activewear and undergarments, they last because they are made with American ingenuity,superior fabrics,tried and true construction techniques . This is a fantastic career for your young people. Buy American, Buy Astrosportswear Activewear! We have more athleisure style garments coming soon!

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