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Clothing Matters

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

At Astrosportswear Activewear, we do our part to make sure clothing fits. This means not wasting fabric with extreme, oversized clothing. It pained me to see all that wasted fabric with oversized pants,tops and such. I am not talking about comfy clothing, but rather clothes that did not fit at all and hung on the ground . It seemed like such a waste of a precious resource, namely ,fabric! Clothing that fits is comfortable! You will be more likely to wear it if it's comfortable. We can also make quality garments that last. If you are going to wear them, let's make them last a reasonable amount of time. Cheap clothing is just that. It does not last, causing you to buy more, what a waste of resources and time. I make clothes that last, even under heavy duress. It is small batch, carefully utilized our materials,meticulously sourced materials for exquisite quality and longevity, and sewn with rock solid techniques,even if it takes just a little more time. The Classic staples of any wardrobe simply do not go out of style. Try some of our gear, you just might be hooked and want more.

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