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Start Making In America Again

We find ourselves in such trying times and I hope you can find some comfort and solace in these extraordinary situations. That said, though we cannot take our foot off the gas but rather accelerate on it. Our engines here are reving up and getting ready to go. We MUST MAKE THINGS IN AMERICA AGAIN and it is a paramount priority to our safety,security and sovereignty. No more can we be reliant on other countries to supply us with the most vital of supplies. Manufacturing jobs are critical and should be held in high esteem by all of us. Embracing this path, will contribute to our national security, independence and freedom. It is heartwarming to see companies pivoting to help out in times of need,us included. We just sent another batch of fabric masks to a local hospital and many of my fellow members of the American Sewing Guild have answered the call. When we have trudged thru this tunnel, and find ourselves on the other side, Perhaps it's in all of our best interest to invest in BUY AMERICAN, where you can and support your local businesses. Further, let's encourage the next generation to embrace working with your hands, and highly consider manufacturing type jobs. Exude positivity, stay safe, and get ready to take off when this is over! We certainly are.

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