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What Makes our Activewear different?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I get asked this question all the time at trade shows. People want to know why they should buy from our line: What makes us different? Astrosportswear garments are designed by a mover who understands first hand the design needs of clothing for active people. Our garments are versatile . You can wear them for leisure, dress them up for a night out ,work out in them with a quick trip to the market after or to get the kids. Our garments are Vibrant! When you are out there on the road either cycling or running, it is a safety need to be seen so we choose colors that will stand out. But it also motivates you to stay fit and be healthy when you feel good in your clothes. It sort of infuses you with that positive energy. Finally, our garments are flattering to all figure types. And while we are least concerned with body images, just move in our garments and the rest will take care of itself. We want to promote health and fitness for everyone and provide comfort in doing so. So get your Astrosportswear Activewear gear, and Get Going!


1/2 zip cycling shirt w/ rear pockets

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