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The Athletes Undy

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

There comes a time when you need to mention the unmentionables. We all have them,underwear! Its about time the athletic designers came up with underwear for us athletic individuals,so I did! Low rise,soft,less seams, no elastic for goodness sake and moisture management fun fabrics. You might recognize some of the fabrics that we use in our sportsbras and tights, you've got it! Needs to be soft as a garment that lies close to the skin, I just couldn't resist. Making these in lots of fabrics and trying lots more styles to suit your fancy pants. Priced introductory pricing to see how you like them. Try some out, use our 25% off coupon til the end of the month. Send me your comments so I can improve in any way that I can. Help me bring underwear to the top layer.

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