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Here's our little secret; this short is for everyone!  Features comfortable stretch fabrics to support your muscles,choice of high or regular waistband, want to show off your stuff, try the Vback waistband,choose your inseam length, gusseted for the ultimate movement capability and those coveted side pockets for all your gear, whether you are at a trip to the market, playground or walking your pup.  Of course if you should choose a ripping workout, we got you covered in this short. 

This is a Cut To Order item;  this means that it is a preorder: you place order, we cut and construct.  We can do this pretty quick , depending on fabric availability.  But sometimes it takes a bit to get fabric in.  We kindly ask for your patience and guarantee you will not regret your purchase.  All items are Made in USA. 

The Athletes's Shorts

SKU: 2001sp