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In or efforts to preserve the environment, make good use of resources and promote a product that will last thereby limiting waste, WE have created the Astrosportswear Activewear Canvas Tote.  Use this to shop for your clothes, no plastic bag needed, then take it to the market for groceries.  This bag is completely washable, dryable and take a quick iron to it and it's like new.  We make them to last, with outside pockets to store extra stuff!  Sturdy handles,double stitches, two layer bottom with rock solid construction!  Buy $150 dollars of activewear and GET ONE FREE!  

This bag dimensions: 

15" width X !6" height and depth approx. 4".  It comes with magnetic center closure, two pockets sandwiched in between straps.  Strap length is ~ 44" end to end.  

We will take custom orders for the tote of your choice, Message us and let us know. 

ASW Canvas Tote


Buy two get one 50%

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