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Where do my clothes come from?

Did you ever worry about where do your clothes come from? Well you should. How comforting is it to know that your clothes were made in the town you live in or state or country. My customers can rest assured that their Astrosportswear Activewear clothes are made locally and domestically. This gives us the ability to customize your order; we stitch you, right into the garment. We carefully use every possible inch of our highly sourced fabric choices. This gives your garment resilience and longevity. How great is that; less wear and tear on the earth ,but saves you money; no throw away clothing here. We are pros here! We can produce your garment very fast, and we ship USPS fast, no wait times, unlike that "river" commerce portal that is averaging 2 weeks or more wait times. Not here! You order. We make, we ship! So do yourself a favor, buy locally from Astrosportswear Activewear. You will be contributing to your local municipality,your country,and economy and you will get a luxurious garment that will last.

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