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Let's Start Making Stuff

The creative process is complex. You start with an inspiration, but what comes after it, is far from fantasy. You will need to bring your thoughts to life by way of a pattern, and more likely lots of versions and revisions, as you make your way thru the research and development stage. Develop your pattern, make a prototype, do a fitting test, make revisions, then lather, rinse and repeat again, and again and again. This could take several trials and rarely if not never is done with your first pattern. Once all the fittings, revisions, refits have been made your are close to your ideal pattern. Then you need to have directions i.e., how to make this , sometimes called a cutter's must or now a tech pack. This will give details instructions on construction, notions needed, stitch types, finishing, measurements and such. The garment will need to be graded, meaning made in size ranges based upon your target market, and that in itself dictates a lot or research! And so, if you are still in this at this point, maybe , just maybe you will follow it thru to a finished product. You will need labels made, both for the garment, and hang tags, packaging and more. Which means you will need a logo or symbol and then all the regulations for your label.....You may be able to take orders based upon your finished prototypes and so to market you go. Now I have simplified this just a bit to keep it short, but it takes perseverance, resilience, tenacity and more to carry that creative idea to reality. You will need the creative thought, and the constructive pragmatism to innovate. What an education in itself it certainly is requiring all of your talents, every one of them!

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