9" X 3.5" ( folded) Double layer fabric masks with Ties for adjustability and fit OSFA. Fabric masks have been advocated by the CDC to give you a layer of protection.  They are reversible so you can use either side.  These masks are NOT N95 masks! 

Surgical style fabric masks


  • Make sure your hands have been washed with soap and water before handling masks.  Tie the top tie first , then the bottom tie.  Make sure the mask covers the nose and mouth and around the base of the chin and is cinched snug.  Avoid touching the front of the mask once it is on.  When removing, undo the ties without touching the front of the mask.  Wash in HOT water with soap and bleach if you want.  The dry in a hot dryer or in direct sunlight.  Try to wash it after every use.